Here’s What Our Clients and Families Are Saying About Us

“Above and Beyond could not be a more apt name for what this company is. Somehow, they have found the most caring, conscientious, emotionally intelligent, and versatile professionals to make up their ranks. The therapists who have worked with my brother have built relationships that have withstood the vicissitudes of his mental illness. They have been proactive in addressing his needs. They have also helped him become so much more independent and capable than he was before they began working with him. I am so happy to have the privilege of collaborating with Above and Beyond on my brother’s care.” ~ June T

”I would recommend Above & Beyond Senior Services without hesitation for the expertise and empathy of the staff. I had such peace of mind knowing that when I was gone, I had its staff as “my eyes and ears” focused on my mom and her well-being. In these days of inadequate numbers of staff and frequent staff turnover at even the best assisted living facilities, knowing that the Above & Beyond staff were there for my mom helped me to sleep at night.” ~ Julie R

“Therapy services that come to you with extremely competent providers is a huge bonus. It keeps my 96-year-old mom going!” ~ Caroline B

“Our therapists have been spectacular in knowledge, execution, and providing feedback. They are amazingly warm, personal, genuine, and dependable.” ~ Graeme B

“The private PT and OT have kept my sister strong physically, enabled her to continue walking and eating, etc. beyond what someone like her would be able to do over the course of her illness. She was a runner in the past and it is her love, so keeping her walking and exercising 3x/week is both a joy for her and kept her strong.” ~ Katherine D

“Our client is a very difficult person to motivate. He is used to being in charge. His dementia also makes this more challenging. All of the therapists that visit us have great communication skills. All are very friendly and outgoing. It’s like a neighbor or friend is coming to visit.” ~ Client’s homecare team

“Justin’s physical therapy sessions have greatly improved his strength, endurance & continues to provide/support a positive attitude with his accomplishments. Justin gets so excited when he/we are expecting his therapist. His biweekly sessions are a huge highlight in his life. Both socially and for necessary physical therapy.” ~ Ken & Maggie S

“When you’re a caregiver, there are so many balls to keep in the air, so many additional responsibilities and activities besides your own, that you can’t possibly cover everything. Sometimes you even lose the energy to just spend quality time with the ones you’re caring for. The services we’ve valued the most from Above & Beyond Senior Services are those we didn’t even think we were signing up for. They give our parents purpose, brighten their days, and allow them (and us) to enjoy each other. It may be hard to believe, but I never thought about the name of the company until I wrote this testimonial. Above & Beyond – to our family, that’s just our therapist.” ~ Bill M

“Our family hired Above & Beyond to work on physical therapy with our 88-year-old Dad who resides in a memory care facility. He had a couple of falls and we wanted to prevent him from any additional incidents. His therapist designed a 3 times a week program which includes walking, balance and some cognitive exercises. Our Dad enjoys the interaction and has not had any more falls. His physician reports that some lower extremity edema has disappeared from all the walking and exercises with his therapist.” ~ Nancy B

“Carolyn cares and gives me confidence that I can do things.” ~ Blanche B

“The therapists! It has been an amazing journey the past 6-7 years we have used Above & Beyond Senior Services. We have had the good fortune to have worked with Carolyn, Janna and others who have filled in over the years. They are all special. We do OT 1x/week and PT 2x/week, and through that consistent therapy we have developed an amazing relationship with these wonderful people. This has made my mom’s therapy much more effective because they know her so well. As her Alzheimer’s has progressed they have had the ability to dial in to her needs because of the established caring relationship they offer. The differences the therapists have made in my mom’s everyday life is profound. I hate to think of what this journey would look like without the amazing services we continue to receive. The other residents at my mom’s building marvel at her ability to move, and walk with assistance from her therapists. My mom’s physical abilities and strength is amazing for an 84-year-old, let alone 84 and battling Alzheimer’s for going on 18 years. We have had a few trips to the hospital over the years and every time she is released and comes home, I tell Carolyn, this is exactly what she had “trained” for.  A smooth recovery after a crisis. I know that, if we had not been consistently receiving therapies all along, those amazing recoveries would be much more difficult, if they would have happened at all. I am forever grateful for Above & Beyond and the love and care we receive from their incredible therapists.” ~ Joy H

“I have had a lot of people help me over the years. My therapists now make all facets of my life less complicated. We work hard, but we also laugh and have fun. I look forward to my therapy days. I can tell Lori what I am having trouble with and we get to work to make it better.” ~ John D

“The sessions are very relevant. I have had so much improvement in my daily life. I love the kind of relationship we have. The Above & Beyond therapists are all very professional, personal, and comforting.” ~ Mary D