“Above & Beyond Senior Services provides consultation and support for older adults and their families who want a way of life that is less demanding, and allows for enhanced personal freedom.”

Age-In-Place Consultation

Performed to assess a client’s needs and make recommendations in current living space

  • Home Safety Assessment:
    • Environmental assessment for safety
    • Ease of movement in all living areas
    • Analysis of activities of daily living
    • Energy conserving layouts
    • Recommendations for adaptive equipment
    • Furniture re-arrangement
    • Assist to “de-clutter” living areas
    • Fall prevention
  • Cognitive Assessment
    • Complete a series of standardized cognitive assessments
    • Recommendations for safety around the home, medication and financial management
    • Driving recommendations
    • Implement compensatory strategies
    • Recommendations for level of supervision or services

Our Services

Above & Beyond Senior Services provides consultation and maintenance therapy for older adults and their families who want to…

Maintain INDEPENCE in your home

Achieve CONFIDENCE with your daily activities

Create PEACE OF MIND for you and your family

Develop FREEDOM from worry

Regain CONTROL over your goals and desires

Maintenance Therapy

Physical and Occupational Therapy provided by licensed therapists with substantial experience with the geriatric population

  • We pick up where insurance and Medicare covered therapy leave off!
  • Visits are provided in the senior’s home- wherever home may be.
  • Assist with recommendations for needs related to strength, balance, mobility, wellness, and prevention of injury
  • We partner to maintain abilities related to dressing, bathing, bathroom management, driving, cooking, and bill paying
  • We work with clients and families on issues related to memory loss
  • Provide hands-on treatment to help seniors retain or reclaim a healthier and more active lifestyle
  • Adaptive equipment and mobility device training
  • Fall prevention and home safety instruction
  • Modification of daily routines to allow for continued participation in lifelong, meaningful hobbies and activities
  • Recommend community resources & support networks