“Above & Beyond Senior Services provides consultation and support for older adults and their families who want a way of life that is less demanding, and allows for enhanced personal freedom.”

Age-In-Place Consultation

Performed to assess a client’s needs and make recommendations in current living space

  • Home Safety Assessment:
    • Environmental assessment for safety
    • Ease of movement in all living areas
    • Analysis of activities of daily living
    • Energy conserving layouts
    • Recommendations for adaptive equipment
    • Furniture re-arrangement
    • Assist to “de-clutter” living areas
    • Fall prevention
  • Cognitive Assessment
    • Complete a series of standardized cognitive assessments
    • Recommendations for safety around the home, medication and financial management
    • Driving recommendations
    • Implement compensatory strategies
    • Recommendations for level of supervision or services

“In the middle of
every difficulty
lies opportunity.”
~Albert Einstein

Happy Client with walker

Client with craft

Maintenance Therapy

Physical and Occupational Therapy provided by licensed therapists with substantial experience with the geriatric population

  • We pick up where insurance and Medicare covered therapy leave off
  • Visits are provided in the senior’s home- wherever home may be
  • Assist with recommendations for needs related to strength, balance, mobility, wellness, and prevention of injury
  • We partner to maintain abilities related to dressing, bathing, bathroom management, driving, cooking, and bill paying
  • We work with clients and families on issues related to memory loss
  • Provide hands-on treatment to help seniors retain or reclaim a healthier and more active lifestyle
  • Adaptive equipment and mobility device training
  • Fall prevention and home safety instruction
  • Modification of daily routines to allow for continued participation in lifelong, meaningful hobbies and activities
  • Recommend community resources & support networks